Reporting/KPI development

Do you have more advanced reporting needs? Once your data gathering process is under control, we can design beautifully looking reports that will give you insight into what are the numbers really telling you.

If you’re feeling swamped by your data, but you don’t know how to read it properly, we can help! We have the technical and business expertise to take your data, in whichever format it is stored, and create useful, informative management reports and dashboards in Excel.

These reports will tell you, in one glance, what you need to know. What are the main trends in your business? Which areas require more attention? Whatever your questions, we can help you find the answers. The reports we create are programmed to be easy to use, with minimal input required – ensuring you have time to actually analyse what your data is telling you!

A low maintenance user-friendly report can be created, or management pack you can easily maintain yourself, or we can provide a monthly reporting and variance analysis service.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Scorecards and Dashboard reports can all provide financial and non-financial indicators of the performance of individual staff members, departments and the business as a whole. A user-friendly report can be created for your own use, or Data Expansions can provide a monthly reporting service.