Excel is a crucial tool in a successful business, but so many who use it do not realise its full potential. Many businesses don’t want the expense of complex data management systems. They just want something that is cost effective and easy to use.


Our approach is based on the following principles:

  • All successful companies need good reporting systems
  • It can be easy and fun to create really useful, meaningful reports on Microsoft Excel
  • Most people know how to do the basics on Microsoft Excel, but sometimes aren’t even aware of what else can be achieved by using the right approach
  • 2 hours of relevant and focused training can teach someone more about Microsoft Excel than a 2 day generic training course ever could

Excel Training

We believe in providing training that is of immediate benefit to the trainee. Kept to small groups

Reporting/KPI development

Do you have more advanced reporting needs? Once your data gathering process is under control, we can design beautifully looking reports that will...

Application automation

Are manual, repetitive tasks wasting precious time you could be using to enhance your business? Let us advise you on the

Consolidation of the data from multiple systems

You have a bunch of systems that have not been designed to talk to each other?

Data Analysis/Commercial Analysis Outsourcing

If your business depends on things done right always and on time.

In-House Excel Expert on call

Would you love the benefit of having an analyst to give you relevant and timely information and advice?